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The Complete Story of Jesus Christ ebook


This free true Story of Jesus ebook is fully illustrated and contains the complete gospel of Christ showing the events, timeline, miracles, parables and travels of Jesus Christ while He was on this earth.  All events are from the KJV correct Bible passages with Christ's words in red letter, easy reading story commentary is also included.

This story of Jesus Christ is suitable for kids and adults alike.

Bible Stories ebook


Our Bible stories ebook includes over 90 illustrated Bible Stories from Genesis to Malachi with all the proper scripture references. This easy reading and informative free Bible Stories ebook is non-denominational and completely Bible based !

The Four Gospel ebook


The true story of Jesus can now be enjoyed in easy reading form.

The Four Gospels ebook is a “harmony of the story of Christ” from all the four Gospels and is a unique compilation where all the events of the Bible gospel accounts are presented and combined as a compete single narrative with all the details intact as one book.

All the text for this work is taken from the American Standard Bible with no extra words added for complete biblical accuracy.

The First Christians ebook


Did the early Christians the first believers of Christ worship the way we worship today? If these early brothers and sisters in Christ were to return to the earth today, what do you think would be their reaction to all the different denominations, beliefs and practices in the various modern churches of today? Would they even recognize "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" as mentioned in Jude 1:3 ?

Foxe's Book of Martyrs ebook

by John Foxe

Fox's book of martyrs was first published in 1563 by John Foxe, this book is a true classic and essential to those searching for the history of the early Christian church and those believers in Christ who came before us.

The Foxe's Book of Martyrs ebook chronicles, century after century, the history of the church and those believers in Christ who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their faith. Many humble men, women, and even children willingly gave their lives to spread the Gospel of Christ and the written word of God, not only as a witness for those living in their time but for us living in the future.

True Christianity

by Johann Arndt

The True Christianity ebook by Johann Arndt the theologian and reformer who called out the problems in the Church and its people.

He asserts that "True Christianity" consists only in pure faith, obedience and a holy life. This book gives the believer in Christ the foundation for believing in God's truths and living it out. This early work of the Reformation is a true gem ! This ebook contains all four volumes of this work and has a live-index for quick navigation.

Our Daily Devotional

by F.B. Meyer

This F.B. Meyer devotional ebook has entries for every day of the year and shows the path to the "deeper" and "mature" things of God. He spurs his reader on to claim the true power of the Christian life.

The Master's Indwelling

by Andrew Murray

The Master's Indwelling by Andrew Murray is a wonderful Christian ebook that details through scripture the believer's life should be as one that is utterly dependent on the surrender to God in every detail.

The Pilgrim's Progress ebook

by John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress ebook is the complete book from an edition published in 1890. The Pilgrim’s Progress was written by John Bunyan in 1679. John Bunyan was a Baptist preacher and writer who, while imprisoned as a Nonconformist for preaching the Gospel without a license from the Established Church in England, wrote what is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English literature.

The Holy war ebook

by John Bunyan

The Holy War by John Bunyan, who was also the author of the Pilgrim's Progress, was written in 1682 and is a wonderful allegory of Satan's war against man's soul. This book is very insightful about Satan's schemes against mankind, It describes Christ's continual rescue from evil and sin and is told as a story where a person's soul is a town named Mansoul (Man's Soul). Mansoul is inhabited by various characters who are engaged in a fierce war with Satan who is known as "Diabolus". Christ is the Prince of this town named "Emmanuel" who comes to retake the town for His own and for the glory of His Heavenly Father who is known as "the Great King Shaddai" the town of Mansoul's rightful ruler.

The Webster Bible 1833

by Noah Webster

Noah Webster, a devout Christian who knew 28 languages, used the King James Version (KJV) strictly as a guide while consulting the Hebrew and Greek texts in this Textus Receptus based Bible translation. Today The Webster Bible continues to be useful, for those who wish to use a Bible version that maintains the familiar and traditional words of the King James Bible, with only the most difficult expressions modernized and corrected for easy reading.

Young's Literal Translation Bible 1887

The Young's Literal Translation Bible is a very literal translation of the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Old and New Testaments. Like the KJV and the Webster's Bible translations the YLT uses the Masoretic for the Hebrew Old Testament and Textus Receptus for the Greek New Testament.

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